Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cowen Commando

I think I'll take this out for a stroll tomorrow.


  1. Just wondering - How many Barbour items do you own?

  2. I am embarrassed to say how many Barbour items i own. If you follow on the Tumblr page, I post more pictures of my jacket collection. Cheers!

  3. Hey, I own a Cowen too. However, if you know,would you please inform me which hood is suitable for the Barbour Ursula jacket? Somebody has recommended the Stockman hood, but the tartan lining is different. Please help me out. Many thanks.

  4. Hey, Marks on Most Surfaces. I think you may have gotten your answer on the official Barbour Facebook page, I saw a similar post there inquiring about a hood for the Ursula. says that the Ursula is compatible with all of the hoods, EXCEPT the Stockman and there is no exact color or wax match.

    My humble opinion is that the International, Cowen and Ursula don't need hoods, because they have mandarin collars. i usually just put on a hat when I wear one of these style Barbours. Let me know how you do.


    1. Hello, Thanks for the reply and help on your behalf.

      I received a response that I already pretty much knew the answer to - in other words the Stockman was the wrong hood (but they advised me to) or I could chance my luck on any other hood they make but it wouldn't be an exact match.

      I acquired a rare Barbour piece of clothing the other week, not many of them around now. I will have to show you a photo.

      However, it would be great to get hold of a Longshoreman. You are lucky.

      What do you think of it compared to the new trendy Shoreman they are knocking out now in collaboration.

      Thank you once more.