Friday, January 13, 2012

Barbour Repair Kit

Barbour Repair Kit by Thornproof
Barbour Repair Kit, a photo by Thornproof on Flickr.

I have too many of these, but I can't bear to sell any of them.


  1. Desperate need of one..... where do you get them?

  2. I've found a few in smaller stores that carry the Barbour line, but most of mine have come from eBay. I paid from $7-30 USD depending on whether the kit was complete and it's condition. There are some that are rarer too, like the "Motorcycle Kit". Check that it has the small tin of wax, 2 spools of thread, wax patches and liner patches. The liner patches are for the older style jackets, but should be fine for any jacket, since they're not really seen much. Happy hunting!