Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barbour Moorland

My Barbour Moorland, after the rain.

I'm still posting here occasionally, but I post daily on Tumblr:

Stay dry.


  1. I saw this video on Youtube and I was wondering if you could identify the Barbour Coat he's wearing. This video puts me to shame. The toughest action my Barbour sees is on my forays to Starbucks on a drizzly day. Keep up the good work! I love your postings.

  2. It looks like a Moorland, since you can see the zipper for the game pocket in the back. The Moorland is the same as the Beaufort, but is a heavier Thornproof waxed cotton. I actually bought one of my Bedales from an Englishman who painted watercolors. He sold his jacket because the wax on the cuffs was rubbing off on his watercolor paper.

    Thanks for sharing with us!